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Relocating to a new city isn't always easy, but if you know how to move the smart way, things don't have to be stressful or difficult. I started focusing more seriously on moving intelligently a few years ago when I was asked to move for work, and my new attitude really changed things. It was incredible to approach moving in a scientific way, and within a few months, I could tell that some of my tips were helping family members and friends. I learned how to move without damaging any of my belongings and how to save money, and this blog is all about sharing all of my secrets.


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Dealing With A Wardrobe After Weight Gain From Pregnancy

Were you unable to lose all of the weight that was gained during your pregnancy? If you now have a large wardrobe that you can't wear and need to get rid of, several things can be done. Your decision on what to do with the clothes should be based on whether or not you intend on fitting into them again. For instance, you can hold on to the clothes and simply place them in storage until they are needed. This article provides a list of ideas for dealing with a wardrobe that isn't being used.

Give Your Wardrobe to a Charity

If you have no interest in keeping your clothes, the best thing to do is give them away. A charitable organization will be more than happy to take the wardrobe off your hands. You might also be able to find an organization that will come and pick the clothes up at your house. One perk of donating clothing is the possibility of using it as a tax write off, which can come in handy if you owe the government any money. You simply need to obtain documentation that proves you made the donation.

Have a Yard Sale to Make Extra Money

If you want to get rid of the wardrobe without giving anything away, consider having a yard sale. You can then sell each item and make a nice profit if people stop by and buy the items. Before having a yard sale, find out if there are local laws that requires you to obtain a permit first. You should also buy tags to place on each item that will allow you to mark them when prices. Ask a friend or family member to assist with the yard sale, such as to set everything up in a timely manner.

Place Everything in a Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit will be handy if you want to keep your wardrobe until it can be used. You can actually store the items in a storage unit for as long as desired. Storing your wardrobe is a great way to free up space for clothes that can actually be worn until you are able to drop the pregnancy weight. If you purchase a unit of a sufficient size, clothing racks can be placed inside of it for handing clothes on. Be prepared to pay a monthly fee if you opt for a self-storage unit, but you should be able to find one that is within your budget. Visit a site like for more help.