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Relocating to a new city isn't always easy, but if you know how to move the smart way, things don't have to be stressful or difficult. I started focusing more seriously on moving intelligently a few years ago when I was asked to move for work, and my new attitude really changed things. It was incredible to approach moving in a scientific way, and within a few months, I could tell that some of my tips were helping family members and friends. I learned how to move without damaging any of my belongings and how to save money, and this blog is all about sharing all of my secrets.


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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Packing Before Your Move

You have the professional movers scheduled and the date circled on the calendar. The day you start moving your belongings is looming, which means it is time to get started packing. If you are like some, you will start packing your belongings weeks before the actual move. While in the process of packing, it is easy to make a few mistakes. Take a look at these common packing blunders you should avoid before moving day. 

Mistake: Not divvying up the items packed by room. 

Why? Organization is a key component in a stress-free move. If you just simply label a box with a general tag like "electronics" or "towels" and start tossing random things in that fit the description, your unpacking process can be an all-out nightmare. Instead, clearly label boxes by contents and room. For example, label a box "family room electronics" or "bathroom towels," and you will have a much easier time unpacking. 

Mistake: Not labeling the packed boxes at all. 

Why? You may feel like you have a perfectly adequate memory to recall which boxes contain what. However, during your move, all those packaged boxes will be repositioned and jostled about many times. So do yourself a favor and at the least mark the boxes with some kind of marking so you know what's inside. As an added advantage, clearly labeling the boxes will help the movers know where each box should go when they gets to the new place. 

Mistake: Stacking boxes without considering their stability. 

Why? If there is one thing you have to know about boxes before you start packing it is this: all boxes are created differently. You don't want to stack up a bunch of boxes before the move to keep them out of the way, only to see the bottom boxes crushed and damaged. Opt for sturdy moving cartons, either from the moving company or another source, as these boxes are created with stable structures that are designed for stacking and support. 

Mistake: Packing everything too soon and sealing the boxes. 

Why? You are on a roll and more than ready to get some of the work out of the way, so filling up boxes and sealing them shut makes you feel like you are getting somewhere. Just don't get too hasty about packing up all of your belongings before the move. If you do, you might end up spending a lot of time opening boxes and digging around for that important document, favorite child toy, or jacket you thought you would not need. Instead of sealing the boxes, simply fold them shut and start sealing them up a little closer to moving day. 

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